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2022 Legacy Award Winners

In the 59-year history of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, we have been blessed with several former parents who continue to serve as an inspiration to our students. At the end of each school year, we recognize students who honor the qualities that are/were important to them.

Pat Stevens is an active member of Our Lady of Lourdes church, and her daughters, Charity and Heather, graduated from Lourdes. Since 2004, the Pat Stevens Award for Excellence in Service to the Community has been given annually to the middle school student who demonstrates the following: 

  • completion of all service hours and both presentations submitted on time
  • performs outreach, going beyond the confines of their school/parish/family
  • thoughtful written reflections, which contain a deep and meaningful consideration of the service provided and the effect this service has had on their personal life and the ones they serve
  • the student is an example or model for other students in the area of service

We are pleased to announce that this year’s winners are Elizabeth Tran and Annie Ainsworth.

Charles Carroll was a past president of the Home and School Association (now Parent-Teacher Organization). During his time as a Lourdes parent of five, he gave of his energies and talents to the school, parish, and community. Since 1995, the Charles Carroll Award has been given annually to the middle school student who demonstrates: 

  • service to the school
  • service to Our Lady of Lourdes Church as a parishioner
  • service to the community
  • positive Christian behavior.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s winner is Stella Gresko.

Diane Witte was a Lourdes parent and parishioner as well as the beloved longtime school P.E. teacher. Her children, Rob, Scott, and Kathi, graduated from Lourdes, and she has grandchildren still in attendance. The Diane Witte Excellence in Physical Education Award is given annually to the 8th grader who exemplifies the following qualities: 

  • pursues all activities with enthusiasm and an open mind, regardless of ability or experience with the activity
  • consistently displays the utmost in sportsmanship and can be counted on to assist students without condescension
  • is a leader in class, encouraging positive outcomes from his/her classmates
  • performs consistently to the best of his/her ability.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s winner is Aaron Spera.

Flo Malek was a Lourdes parent (to alumni Lisa Cirillo and Lynette Musick), grandparent, and parishioner as well as the founder and director of The Florettes Majorettes who had a kind heart and spent endless hours guiding her students. Since 2018, the Flo Malek Scholarship Fund has offered a one-time scholarship to two Lourdes students who submit outstanding essays on how they live as a disciple of Christ. The first place student is awarded a $2,500 scholarship, and the runner-up receives a $1,000 scholarship. 

We are pleased to announce that this year’s winner is rising 8th grader Ethan Keener, and the runner-up is rising 6th grader Viktoria Scholz.

Congratulations to all of these award winners! We are proud of you!

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