Welcome to Lourdes

Defining moments that make an education more meaningful

Lourdes is a richly diverse community where faith and service meet an excellent 21st-century education. Our dynamic school has purposefully small classes, and teachers use innovative learning to engage every student.

Lourdes recognizes the deep value of long-term relationships with families in the education of their children. From the time of admission, your child will be considered enrolled at Lourdes through 8th grade graduation unless otherwise notified by the parent of a change in this relationship.  This continuous enrollment process allows you the comfort of knowing that your child’s seat is secure and frees you from unnecessary annual paperwork.

OUR Mission

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School provides a diverse community with a rigorous Catholic education, creating global leaders who positively impact the world with a Christ-like spirit of courage, hope, respect, integrity, service, and thankfulness.

OUR Vision

To create and nurture disciples of Christ, anchored in Catholic tradition and academic excellence.

Why a Catholic Education?

At Lourdes, we serve our community as a school and parish inspired and guided by the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. Our successful applicants have an affinity for diversity and seek to learn from and celebrate with others; care for others and are loved for who they are.

Through intellectual rigor, Catholic school graduates in the long-term have higher critical thinking and analysis skills, thoughtful evaluation, and are more prepared for college than the average student. More importantly, they have a deeper faith and stronger moral base than students from other environments. In the shorter term, students of Catholic schools score higher on achievement tests, tend to take more AP classes, and are more likely to be engaged in community service. Parents report trusting their Catholic schools more than other schools and that the teachers care more about their students. {Source: Quentin Wodon, World Bank}

The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows that Catholic School students are “academically exceptional” and outpace the education and knowledge of public school students. Of more importance, NAEP reports that a higher percentage of Catholic school students think positively about their education.

Catholic schools are not bound by state SOL standards, leaving the teachers freer to teach in a way that energizes and inspires students and not only meets but often exceeds the rigor mandated by the state.

"Catholic school exists for the human person, to help her reach her divine destiny; tapping into our humanity through education."

~ Congregation for Catholic Education, The Vatican
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