Known for academic excellence with a powerful combination of consistent religious instruction, teachers that are strong role models, a high-quality education, caring administrators who know you by name, the Lourdes difference is a community feels like family.

When you look back on your kids’ childhoods, what defining moments do you hope to see? Moments defined by the world or ones that demonstrate the strong values of courage, hope, respect, integrity, service, and thankfulness?

Two middle school girls, smiling as they work on a algebra problem together


The Lourdes difference maximizes student potential with dynamic Junior Kindergarten to 8th grade classrooms that appeal to different learning styles and go above and beyond the regular curriculum — embracing each student’s talents, celebrating accomplishments, and connecting their strengths with a high-quality education — supported by superior teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and engaging resources. 

Our Lady of Lourdes is a closely-knit school with vast opportunities that facilitate relationship building, communication skills, accountability, and responsibility.

Outside the limitations of Virginia’s Standards of Learning, teachers have the flexibility to execute creative lessons and present material in ways which students find interesting, engaging and fun. Our curriculum is marked by current content and fresh approaches to methodology.

Lourdes emphasizes principles rather than fact, on learning through problem solving rather than by precept, and we never mistake a syllabus for an education. We strive to offer a program which makes use of many sources of reading material, a wide variety of audio-visual and technology tools and a multi-text approach to the content areas.

After eighth grade graduation, all of our students move on to graduate from high school and thrive in life. Our students consistently outperform on national tests (MAPS and ACRE) and are more than prepared to continue to be successful in their educational career. 

We believe in:

  • diversity of all types and in supporting each other
  • ensuring equitable access for every student that desires a Lourdes education
  • investing in amazing educators that connect deeply with their students on both a professional and personal level
  • an education that helps each child thrive, both now and in the future
  • empowering kids to go to serve others in the margins and conduct positive change in their own community
  • honestly sharing our inner selves and openly hearing the truths that others hold in their hearts.

Come visit to see how we lead students to live as a disciple of Christ by nurturing and preparing them for success.



  • 351 Students JK-8th grade
  • 108 New Students in 2021
  • 283 Families
  • 14 Acre Campus
  • 1963 Year Opened

Supporting the Whole Child

  • 6 Elementary Resource Classes
  • 9 Enrichment Opportunities
  • 18 Field Trips in 2021-22
  • 25 Inclusive Sports Teams
  • 101 Aftercare Enrollment

Highly-qualified Faculty and Staff

  • 51 Total Faculty and Staff
  • 243 Combined Years of Experience at Lourdes
  • 37% Faculty with Advanced Degrees
  • 3 Student Support Teachers
  • 5 Lourdes Graduates on Staff
  • 10 Current or Former Lourdes Parents on Staff

Some of Our Strengths

  • 1,530 Alumni
  • 9,218 Items in our Library
  • 45 Different Heritages Represented
  • 35 Furthest Student Home (miles)
  • 1:1 Student Device Ratio
  • 18 Annual Community Events


  • 13:1 Student:Teacher Ratio
  • 19 Homerooms
  • 25 Maximum Class Size 

Service and

  • 3 Dedicated Priests
  • 47 Churches Represented
  • 3,500 Annual Parent Service Hours
  • 2,350 Annual Student Service Hours
  • 39 % Families of Other Faiths

Dynamic Middle School

  • 6 High School Credit Courses
  • 98 % of Students Accepted to Competitive Programs
  • 21 Elective Options


  • 6 Unique Houses 
  • 1 Weekly Student Mass
  • Consistently focusing on living our faith by showing others courage, hope, respect, integrity, service, and thankfulness

2023-24 State of our School

Questions About how Lourdes can make a difference for your child?

TEstimonials for our school

Brianna, Class of 2013

I graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in the 8th Grade Class of 2013, and while at OLL, I had the opportunity to take several high school level courses. I entered high school with credits in Social Studies, Math, Science, and Spanish which put me ahead and allowed me to take interesting elective courses like Fine Arts and Mass Communications in high school. With the head start that Lourdes gave me, I was also able to study abroad in Chile for my Junior year of high school, and I still graduated on time in Spring 2017. With my strong foundation in Spanish language classes, I was well-prepared to participate in that immersive program and I still use my language skills to this day! Because I was ahead entering high school, I was also able to enter college with four classes worth of college credits. This allowed me to graduate a semester early from college, and I was able to have wonderful internships and study abroad for a semester in Madrid, Spain despite my early graduation. My time at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School gave me a foundation of knowledge and instilled in me a love of learning which has inspired me throughout my academic career and personal life. Now, I work for an immigration law firm in Northern Virginia where I serve Spanish-speaking immigrants and engage in my second language daily. My academic and personal development at OLL put me on the path to success and I feel immense gratitude for the unique experiences I enjoyed there. Thank you all! Go Lions!

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