I graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in the 8th Grade Class of 2013, and while at OLL, I had the opportunity to take several high school level courses. I entered high school with credits in Social Studies, Math, Science, and Spanish which put me ahead and allowed me to take interesting elective courses like Fine Arts and Mass Communications in high school. With the head start that Lourdes gave me, I was also able to study abroad in Chile for my Junior year of high school, and I still graduated on time in Spring 2017. With my strong foundation in Spanish language classes, I was well-prepared to participate in that immersive program and I still use my language skills to this day! Because I was ahead entering high school, I was also able to enter college with four classes worth of college credits. This allowed me to graduate a semester early from college, and I was able to have wonderful internships and study abroad for a semester in Madrid, Spain despite my early graduation. My time at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School gave me a foundation of knowledge and instilled in me a love of learning which has inspired me throughout my academic career and personal life. Now, I work for an immigration law firm in Northern Virginia where I serve Spanish-speaking immigrants and engage in my second language daily. My academic and personal development at OLL put me on the path to success and I feel immense gratitude for the unique experiences I enjoyed there. Thank you all! Go Lions!

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