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Lourdes 8th Grader Commissioned for Apple TV+ Gift

Ashlyn Nelson, a 8th grader at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, was commissioned by Apple TV+ to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art for a movie that was filmed here in Richmond.

In her mom’s words: “Ashlyn was contacted by Apple TV+ representatives last October to create a repurposed/recycled art piece. Apple TV+ chose Richmond, VA for filming of the new movie “Raymond and Ray” starring Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor, coming out October 21. During production, Apple TV+ planned to recycle items from the movie set, and they wanted Ashlyn to create a recycled/repurposed art piece with some of the discarded items, with the final product given to the Virginia Film Office as a “Thank You” once production ended. 

Apple TV+ and Ashlyn presented the art piece to the Director of the VA Film Office on the last day of production, on stage during the jazz/bar scene. She decided not just to make the logo but to incorporate the logo in a family room scene with a TV on a TV stand. Once the Apple TV+ Directors, Producers, and the VA Film Office Director saw the artwork they were extremely impressed. This was a wonderful experience for Ashlyn; she was interviewed on set about the artwork and also able to get a tour of the set to see how production and wardrobe works.”

Her artwork is on display in the Cary Street lobby of the Virginia Film Office. We are so inspired by you, Ashlyn!

Items Ashlyn used in her artwork: PAINT BRUSH from the Design Dept placed inside the Tv, HEADPHONES and EARPIECES from the Technology Dept also placed inside the Tv. PAINT STIR STICKS were used as ledges on the wall for the pictures. ZIP TIES used to frame the pictures on the wall and to make the hands on the clock. A small CALCULATOR from the Accounting Dept was turned into a Tv remote. For the plant leaves and inside the logo letters, she cut up different FABRICS used from the Wardrobe Dept. Pictures from COVID SIGNS on set were used inside the picture frames. COVID TEST TUBES and Fabric used from LANYARDS were used to make the Popcorn Bucket. K-95 MASKS were placed throughout the Tv and in the Apple Tv box. A few COMBS were used in the Tv too. A PAINT CAN TOP from a pint of paint from the Design Dept was used to make the clock.  FOAM PIECES from the Design Dept were used for the vase and the pictures on the shelves. WALLPAPER from the Design Dept was cut into small pieces and used in the background for the wall and the picture frames, and also in the Tv stand. GLASS WINE STOPPERS and CARDBOARD PIECES were used for the drawers on the Tv stand. A Decorative WOOD PIECE also from the Design Dept was used on the Tv stand. She also added play shovels and RIP tombstones since the movie is about 2 Brothers burying their father.

Ashlyn previously appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show as a 6th grader, showcasing her unique artwork. View the most recent  segment here:

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