A bold vision for Catholic Education

To continue our legacy of transforming minds, lives and spirits and deliver on 21st-century needs, our campus is growing!

Phase I, now underway, will add a new wing with a regulation-size gymnasium and state-of-the-art art and music classrooms.

Phase II will add a new wing to the front of our building, where the modulars are currently located, and feature a new, modern library.

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The vision at Our Lady of Lourdes is to provide our students with a rigorous Catholic academic education that nurtures, inspires, and teaches them to be leaders, problem-solvers, and role models who utilize 21st-century skills, are inclusive in a diverse community, and lead by example as disciples of Christ.

The world needs this vision now more than ever. Due in part to emerging technologies, population growth, and global connectivity, the world continues to change at a frenetic pace. Families, businesses, and education systems around the world are struggling to keep up. A Catholic education offers a strong foundation rooted in timeless values. Anchored in the spirit of Christ, Our Lady of Lourdes students graduate knowing who they are today — and with the skills to succeed in the world of tomorrow.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently reported, 

Today, the divergence between Catholic schools and public ones is so great that if all U.S. Catholic schools were a state, their 1.6 million students would rank first in the nation across the NAEP reading and math tests for fourth and eighth graders.

Two middle school girls standing back-to-back in front of the school

To continue serving students from all walks of life in the Richmond area, it is time to build a physical environment that matches our transformative community spirit — to create facilities that support our vision long into the future.

Help Us Make Our Vision a Reality

Our dream is a warm, welcoming, safe, and highly functional campus that allows every person to be transformed. This bold expansion project will let us do just that, making our campus a beacon of excellence in the Lakeside area.

But we need your help.

As enrollment and retention continues to increase, there is an immediate need for more space to accommodate both the creativity of our students and the support staff to ensure they are doing their best. This expansion will meet the needs of Lourdes students now and for the next generation and beyond.

Join us as we dramatically shape the future of Lourdes.

An above-view angle of the drawing of our new wing

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To make a donation, jump to our project pledge form and help us build the future of Lourdes.

Our Progress

Groundbreaking CEREMONY

October 13, 2023
Father Jonathan Goertz praying at the groundbreaking ceremony as Deacon Steven Cottam holds the microphone
A group of Lourdes teachers, some with shovels at the groundbreaking ceremony of the new gym wing
expansion: six elementary students, posing in front of a construction area and wearing play hard hats

construction crews on site

February 19, 2024

Time Lapse videos

Lourdes 2023 Capital Campaign Progress

Goal #1 - Raise $1.4 million in Cash

Donations Received
$1,382,465 99%

Construction can begin when we have $1.4M in contributions pledged!

Goal #2 - Raise $2 million in pledges

Donations Received
$1,382,465 69%

The spirit of community is one of the strongest aspects of Our Lady of Lourdes. Families are incredibly generous with gifts of time, talent, and treasure. A capital campaign contribution will make an impact on our institution and the lives of countless students in the years to come.

To ensure this project’s success, we invite you to consider a five-year giving commitment. A modest donation every year throughout this project will have an outsized impact — and will ensure the success of our next generation.

To participate, fill out the pledge form below and set up your automatic tax-deductible donations today!


  • All donations will be listed alphabetically on a plaque in the new building.
  • Gifts with naming opportunities will be recognized with a plaque or plate at each location sponsored.

Phase I (gym wing)
Naming Opportunities

New addition to be named upon construction

  • Gym Wing (________ Center): $1,000,000
  • Gymnasium: $500,000   sponsored!
  • Playground: $250,000
  • Full Basketball Court: $100,000
  • Center Court: $50,000
  • Art Classroom: $30,000   sponsored!
  • Music Classroom: $30,000   sponsored!
  • Reimagined MPR space: $30,000   sponsored!
  • New Hallway: $25,000
  • Breezeway entrance to the new wing: $25,000
  • Half-size Court (2 available): $25,000  sponsored!
  • Dedication Wall: $20,000   sponsored!
  • Sound System: $20,000
  • Girls locker room: $20,000
  • Boys locker room: $20,000
  • Religion classroom (current art room) – $20,000 sponsoring by Class of 2023 parents!
  • Interior entrance to new wing: $20,000
  • Exterior entrance (double doors) to new wing: $20,000  sponsored!
  • Interior Lourdes Cross Mural: $15,000  sponsored!
  • Cheering Section (2 available): $15,000 1 sponsored; one remaining!
  • SMARTboards (2 available): $10,000 1 sponsored; one remaining!
  • Art storage room: $10,000
  • Music room storage: $10,000
  • Art room mural: $10,000
  • Music room mural: $10,000 sponsored!
  • Athletics Office: $10,000  sponsored!
  • Equipment Room: $10,000  sponsored!
  • Crucifix: $10,000   sponsored!
  • Interior Gym Cross Mural: $5,000  sponsored!
  • Art Rails: $5,000  sponsored!
  • Water bottle refilling station: $5,000
  • Music Room acoustic panels: $5,000
  • Music Room risers: $5,000
  • Portable speaker system and microphones: $5,000
  • Trophy Display: $5,000  sponsored!

Existing Structure
Naming Opportunities

Existing spaces available immediately, and proceeds still support our expansion project!

  • Front Entrance: $20,000
  • Front Lobby: $15,000
  • Leveled Reading Room: $15,000
  • Teacher’s Lounge: $15,000
  • Multi-Purpose Room Entrance: $15,000
  • Outdoor Courtyard Classroom: $15,000
  • Large Reading Room breakout office: $10,000
  • Smaller Reading Room breakout office: $10,000
  • Title 1: $10,000
  • Clinic: $10,000
  • Classroom 2B: $10,000
  • Classroom 3B: $10,000
  • Interior Stations of the Cross: $5,000
  • Teacher’s Workroom: $5,000
  • Lower Hall Storage: $5,000
  • Upper Hall Server Room: $5,000
  • Exterior Stations of the Cross: $5,000
Check back later in 2024 to see how you can sponsor Phase II of our expansion!

Phase II (Library wing)
Naming Opportunities

New addition to be named upon construction

  • Library Wing (________ Center): $1,000,000
  • Library: $250,000
  • STEM Lab: $50,000
  • Classroom: $30,000
  • Alumni Honor Wall: $30,000
  • New Hallway: $25,000
  • Breezeway entrance from the middle school: $25,000
  • Exterior entrance to library: $20,000
  • SMARTboards (3 available): $10,000
  • Library table seating area: $25,000
  • Library soft seating area: $25,000
  • Library circulation desk: $25,000
  • Library picture book zone: $10,000
  • Library young readers zone: $10,000
  • Library middle school zone: $10,000
  • Library reference zone: $10,000
  • Library storage room: $10,000
  • STEM Lab mural: $10,000
  • STEM Lab 3D printing station: $10,000
  • STEM Lab Coding station: $10,000
  • STEM Lab Maker Space: $10,000
  • STEM Lab Robotics space: $10,000
  • Stained Glass window (4 available): $10,000
  • Crucifix (2 available): $5,000
  • Tutoring breakout room: $5,000
  • MPR risers: $5,000

Refreshed spaces

  • Administrative Office Suite (current library space): $15,000
  • Conference Room (current principal’s office): $10,000
  • Support Faculty Office  (current assistant principal’s office): $5,000
  • Admin Office informal meeting space/waiting area: $5,000
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