Academic support and Enrichment

We have a wealth of support for our elementary students who need extra attention in certain subjects as well as enrichment for students who desire more challenging material.

Reading Specialist

The Reading Specialist at Our Lady of Lourdes School provides small group instruction for students needing intervention in K-5 or enrichment for third and fourth grades.  Students needing intervention in K-5 grades are seen regularly for at least 30 minutes.  

Services Include:

  • Instruction of students in Language Arts in accordance with the Diocesan curriculum in a small group setting
  • Preparation of lesson plans for intervention
  • Assisting teachers with testing, reading data, establishing small groups, and resources
  • Collaboration with the Librarian for book clubs and Battle of the Books
  • Planning summer reading work, contests, etc. as appropriate for Language Arts
  • Overseeing the purchasing of books and other reading materials to be used for intervention, enrichment, or the resource room
  • Professional Development for teachers with Language Arts instruction

Title I – Reading and Math Intervention Specialist

 Title I reading and math intervention services are provided to eligible students in grades K-5.  Students meet in a small group setting to supplement classroom instruction through modeling and guided practice instruction. There is monthly collaboration between classroom teachers and the Title I teacher to review target skills for each student. In addition to informal ongoing assessment, students are formally assessed at the beginning, middle, and end of year to determine that instruction is specific to learning needs and that progress is being made.  Student participation in Title I allows for an increase in academic learning time through engagement and differentiation.

Math Specialist

Our math specialist works collaboratively with teachers to implement a quality mathematics program that is research-based and differentiated for student needs. In supporting teachers by modeling instructional strategies and lessons, developing and modifying lesson plans, and supporting all students in a variety of ways to learn mathematics, our math specialist promotes student and teacher growth in learning and teaching mathematics.

Social Worker

Our Social Worker counsels students, parents, and guardians for the purpose of enhancing student success academically, socially, and emotionally. Through monitoring student progress, our social worker is able to identify issues and take appropriate action, increasing student success and providing both preventative and restorative services to enhance and supports students’ social, emotional, and academic well-being.

ELL Specialist

Our English Language Learners specialist works with supporting students for whom English is not their first language.

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