Our Team

Jerri Barron


Jerri earned her teaching certification through the EducateVA Career Switcher program and joined the Lourdes teaching team in 2020. She teaches Math 6, Math 7, Algebra and Geometry.

For Mother’s Day at age 10 her oldest son Isaac wrote “My mom always wears earrings. Her hair is untidy. My mom was born in Roanoke, Virginia. She lived in a neighborhood in the mountains and away from town. Her family would go hiking and have picnics. They would cut vines and swing on them. They would camp at the lake almost every weekend and at Virginia Beach. She liked swimming, reading, kick ball, math and science. She disliked bee stings, piano recitals and home economics. My mom likes camping, fishing, sewing, quilting and gardening. She also likes flip-flops, Italian food and art projects. My mom hates it when her seams don’t line up and fishing all day and catching nothing.”

Sixteen years later, it’s all still true!! Mrs. Barron enjoys these same activities with her husband and their 3 children….and her hair is often untidy.

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